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Water Solutions for Sustainable Futures.

When it comes to water treatment for industry and health care, we don’t take a one size fits all approach. We communicate. We listen. We ask questions. We then work with our team of experts for a complete project review, ensuring that our recommendations meet your specific needs.

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Whether you’re nourishing your plants, filtering your cooling tower or feeding your sterile processing equipment, you need the right equipment that meets the required specifications and industry standards for your needs.

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Lab Water

Extend the life of your lab cartridges or purify your tap water to clinical Type I, II, III levels.

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Legionella Control

Protect your patients and the public from the effects of microbiological contaminants.

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Cooling Tower Filtration

Reduce costs by keeping your cooling tower systems efficient with side stream filtration.

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Produce healthy plants and promote growth with quality water for your greenhouse crop.

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Sterile Processing

Meet evolving standards, keep your patients safe, and extend the life of your instruments, washers, and sterilizers.

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Industrial / Process Water

Remove unwanted minerals to improve your processes and product quality.

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Reverse Osmosis

Skid-mounted, robust design for commercial/industrial applications ranging from 1 – 250 GPM.

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Side Stream Filtration

Cooling tower filters remove solids down to <1 micron. Economically priced, modular design expands with your needs.

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Disinfection hundreds of times more potent than chlorine and incredibly effective at removing biofilm.

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Electro Deionizer

Deionized water without the expense of chemicals, tank exchanges, and service fees.

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Softeners, filters, storage tanks, and more. Everything you need to complete your water treatment system.

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While other products are bulky and expensive, our products are compact but heavy-duty. We create designs to meet stringent standards but customizable to fit your unique needs. We have the product knowledge to meet all your water purification challenges.

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Our leadership has been in the water treatment industry for years, and we know the industry like the back of our hands. Over the years, we’ve learned that the best work gets done when we listen carefully. We promise to be there from start to finish, ensuring your water filtration doesn’t just get done — it gets done right.

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Here’s where you’ll find the details. Specifications, drawings, application bulletins, water conversions, and more!

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The two cooling tower filters we installed in Bakersfield, California went in really well. In my twelve years of walking jobs and looking at cooling towers, this was by far the worst and dirtiest tower basins I had ever seen. After only one week of operation of the NuStream CT filters, the water was clear and our customer saw his basin floor for the first time. The NuStream Filters are the BEST I have ever worked with and I have worked with many filtration systems. I strongly endorse this product and look forward to many years of continued partnership.

- R. Broughton / Dynamic Water Technologies

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