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Legionella Control

Block Legionella bacteria with our water system controls

Legionella, the bacterium that causes Legionnaires’ disease, occurs in natural freshwater like lakes and streams. And according to the CDC, it can be extremely dangerous when it gets into a building’s water system. While low amounts of exposure probably won’t lead to Legionnaires’ disease, you do risk contracting it if you breathe in water droplets with Legionella, or if contaminated water gets into your lungs.

Our Legionella treatment system attacks the bacteria in all areas. And we have multiple systems to attack Legionella in water, whether it’s through:

  • Point-of-use cartridges for health facilities
  • As a final polisher to current water treatment systems, or
  • Cooling tower side stream filtration

Legionella can affect all kinds of industries from health care to industrial. With NuStream, you can be sure you’re opting for a solution that blocks these harmful contaminants to keep people safe.

Multi-Cartridge Filter

  • Convertible design allows for use of both DOE and SOE cartridges
  • Swing bolted o-ring closure seal provides quick and positive seal and easy access to the vessel interior and filter cartridges
  • Both FNPT threaded and flanged connections are available in specific models
  • EPDM seals are standard with other material options available
  • Standard threaded FNPT vent & drains
  • Standard stainless steel cartridge support and sealing hardware
  • Polished exterior and pickle passivate interior / exterior for enhanced corrosion resistance
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Cooling Tower Filtration

Compact design filters all the way down to <2 micron where most of the solids exist!

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Block Legionella exposure before it happens

Keep people safe by keeping water and air pure and free of bacteria.

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