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Ozone is the top choice for disinfection of watering systems for plants. It is hundreds of times more powerful than chlorine and is the most effective in removing biofilm. It requires very little contact time, which reduces time you spend treating water — and without leaving any chemical residues.

High Level Ozone Disinfection Unit

The HD30 is the most advanced ozone generator available today:

  • Featuring the industry’s first on-board system information and diagnostics LCD display
  • Utilizes self-resonating technology which allows the system to automatically
    adjust for pressure, flow, and other potential current variations
  • Ideal for disinfection of fertigation and watering systems in plant grow operations
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Water Tank Ozone Bubbler System

  • Controls bacteria and adds dissolved oxygen. It is designed to operate 24 hours per day or can be time clock operated if desired
  • This system will provide a measurable ozone residual of approximately 0.2 ppm, depending upon tank size and usage
  • It is a “plug-in and drop-in” type installation, and the most reliable way to maintain RO product water
  • Available in 120v-60hz plug-in, 230v-60hz hardwire, or 230v-50hz plug-in with Euro cord.
  • Nearly maintenance free: Replace the UV Ozone Tube Assembly annually.
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