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Industrial & Process Water

From spot-free to more complex applications, NuStream products create 2,000 – 360,000 gallons of water per day for your industrial processes.

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Cooling Tower Filtration

Reduce energy consumption and mechanical breakdowns by purifying the water that powers your HVAC systems.

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Ready to hit the go button?

Reduce your operating costs and strengthen your organization's sustainability.

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Improve your plants’ health and nourish what you grow with the NuStream complete horticulture package.

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Sterile Proccessing

Eliminate harmful microbiological contaminants and meet the new AAMI standards for Sterile Processing.

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The two cooling tower filters we installed in Bakersfield, California went in really well. In my twelve years of walking jobs and looking at cooling towers, this was by far the worst and dirtiest tower basins I had ever seen. After only one week of operation of the NuStream CT filters, the water was clear and our customer saw his basin floor for the first time. The NuStream Filters are the BEST I have ever worked with and I have worked with many filtration systems. I strongly endorse this product and look forward to many years of continued partnership.

- R. Broughton / Dynamic Water Technologies


Economically purify your water to Type I, II or III levels.

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Legionella Control

Protect your patients and the public from the effects of microbiological contaminants.

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