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Building and maintaining relationships is where we thrive. It isn’t about us — it’s about you. From start to finish, our team of experts is there for you, ensuring that your project doesn’t just get done – it gets done right. Our goal is always to produce products that are:

  • Delivered on time
  • In perfect condition
  • Producing perfect results

Our Team of Experts

Question. Listen. Respond. We’re ready to help!

Jim Baker


“It’s in the details.” 

Jim’s job is easier said than done — he designs cool stuff, all to provide safe, clean water (and saving the customer money). Jim’s forty years of experience in the water treatment industry make him a highly sought-out speaker. He’s also a published author on many subjects involving water treatment for industry and healthcare. As if that’s not enough, he’s also the former president of the International Water Quality Association. He is an inductee of the Water Quality Hall of Fame.

Diane Dolan

VP of Operations, MWS

“It’s all about relationships.”

Diane is the glue in our company — making sure things are running seamlessly and customers and staff are all smiles. A published author, Diane has been featured in the Business Journal for successfully managing one of Dayton’s Fastest Growing Businesses and Manufacturing Business of the Year. Diane’s 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry and her background in strategic planning, growth, and company culture, set her up to thrive in her VP position at NuStream.

Andy Baker

VP of Sales

“Let’s do this!”

We hear that from Andy at least five times a day (seriously, we’ve counted. Calm down, Andy). With fifteen years of experience in the water treatment industry, Andy’s a pro at figuring out the best system for your application. His background as a water treatment production manager set him up to be an excellent VP of Sales. He embodies NuStream’s mission that it’s not about selling — it’s about providing the right product to the right application at the most reasonable price.

Lee Davenport

Applications Engineer Specialist

“If it’s not right, don’t do it.” 

That’s what we like to hear from our decorated Eagle Scout. Lee keeps it real, ensuring customers get the exact information they need. Although Lee has a little less than five years of experience in the water treatment industry, he is one of the sharpest engineers you’ll ever meet — which is why he is involved with every aspect of engineering at NuStream. From the design of standard and custom products to quality and testing, Lee’s got you covered.

The two cooling tower filters we installed in Bakersfield, California went in really well. In my twelve years of walking jobs and looking at cooling towers, this was by far the worst and dirtiest tower basins I had ever seen. After only one week of operation of the NuStream CT filters, the water was clear and our customer saw his basin floor for the first time. The NuStream Filters are the BEST I have ever worked with and I have worked with many filtration systems. I strongly endorse this product and look forward to many years of continued partnership.

- R. Broughton / Dynamic Water Technologies

Our Process

1. Contact us

Want to know what we’re all about? Curious if we can help you? Call 937-949-3174 or fill out a request for information on our contact page.

2. Tell us about yourself

A NuStream professional will contact you either by phone or email (your preference) to discuss your needs and gather additional information, like gallons per day, quality requirements, application, and more.

3. Get your recommendations

Based on your needs, we’ll provide a recommended solution that will meet required standards, fit into your space, and be cost-efficient ensuring a successful outcome.

4. Call us whenever you need

Our support is full cycle. We are here for you from the moment we connect through the design phase, installation, service, and parts support.

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