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Tank Ozone Bubbler

Tank Ozone Bubbler

NuStream’s Ozone Tank Bubbler helps to improve the health of your plants with freshly ozonated water! Keep your plant’s water fresh and reap the benefits of this unit that requires minimal maintenance.

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Keeps RO Water Fresh

  • Continuously aerates the water in your RO holding tank to control bacteria by adding dissolved ozone/li>
  • Simply “plug in and drop in”. One ozone bubbler can handle up to 5,000 gallons of water per holding tank

Nourishes Healthier Plants without Adding Chemicals

  • Ozone is nature’s disinfectant. Plants thrive on the dissolved oxygen that ozone creates.
  • No need for chemicals that leave residual behind and can be harmful to plants and the environment.

Low Cost / Nearly Maintenance Free

  • Simply replace the UV Ozone tube assembly once a year.