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High Level Ozone Disinfection

Ozone Disinfection Unit

The most effective method of removing harmful biofilm, the NuStream HD30 is ideal for disinfection of fertigation and watering systems in all horticulture operations.

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Reduces Labor and Chemical Costs

  • Disinfectant is produced onsite. No storage, mixing, handling or transportation of toxic chemicals
  • Hundreds of times more powerful than chlorine

Reduces Plant Disease and Promotes Growth

  • Eliminates spores, bacteria, biofilm, viruses, mold, fungus, and mildew
  • Improves overall quality of plants by removing the source of pathogens that damage crops and foodborne illnesses from fruit and vegetable producers

Safe for Human Interaction

  • No chemical residue. Ozone’s only by-product is oxygen

Unique Design for Horticulture Environment

  • Powder-coated frame for longer life
  • Onboard diagnostics LCD display
  • Disinfects equipment, piping, emitters, surfaces, structures tables, and containers
  • Self-resonating technology automatically adjusts for pressure, flow, and other potential current variations
  • Can be used in low level continuous mode or high level disinfection mode




Ozone Production

30 grams/hour @ 5% ozone

Oxygen Concentrator

93% @ 15 SCFH

Power Rating

20-250 VAC, 7.1 amps

Ambient Operation Condition

95 degrees F maximum / 0-90 R.H

Safety Protection

Vacuum switch, pressure switch, thermal switch, fault sensor

Ozone Control

0-100% manual or 4-20 mA signal

Backflow Protection

Vacuum break

Remote Alarm

Non-powered contact

Ozone Level Monitor

Inline digital ORP

Reaction Chamber

Dual pressurized

LCD Display

Ozone level - diagnostics