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CT70 Filter

CT70 Cooling Tower Filter

Compact design filters all the way down to <2 micron where most of the solids exist!

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Non-Corrosive Design

  • PVC / Fiberglass / Powder Coated aluminum frame
  • Durable Grundfos pumps with optimal hydraulics. TEFC MLE motor exceeds the Premium Efficiency rating
  • UL NEMA 3R environmental rating

Ease of Installation / Operation

  • Solid-state programmable controller for simple reliable
    timed or on-demand operation
  • Rugged NEMA4 enclosure with motor-starter and safety
  • Three-way motorized ball valves. Single point electrical connection.
  • Fits through a standard door, no need for special equipment or cranes

Modular Design

  • Can be installed in single or multiple configurations to meet your specific needs.

Backwash Options

  • City water or tower water backwash source can be used. Backwash initiated by differential pressure, 24 hours of timed operation, or manual push button.

Sub-Micron Filtration

  • Exclusive NuStream design filters all the way down to <2 microns where most of the particles exist.


Model CT30

Model CT70

Service Flow Rate

30 GPM

70 GPM

Backwash Flow Rate

12 GPM

35 GPM

Tank Diameter



Outside Dimensions

24.75” W x 29” D x 73” H

34.5” W x 42” D x 80” H

Working Pressure

10 – 85 PSI

10 – 85 PSI

Inlet Connection

1.5” MNPT


Outlet Connection

1.5” FNPT


Drain Connection



Clean Water BW Connection


1.5” FNPT

Pump Motor TEFC HorsePower

1.5 HP, 115V, 20 AMP

4 HP

Pump Motor Voltage / AMP

 115V / 20 AMP, Dedicated

208V = 9.0 AMP
230V = 8.5 AMP
460V = 4.3 AMP
575V = 3.7 AMP

Approximate Shipping Weight

760 lbs

1303 lbs

Approximate Operating Weight

980 lbs

1660 lbs